Annique Rooibos Superfood Brown - 30 caps

Annique Rooibos Superfood Brown - 30 caps

Annique's Superfood Brown contains a proprietary blend of Mushrooms and Green Rooibos Extract.

30 Hardgel Capsules - For people 18 years and older

Exp 04/23

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Model:  SFB101

Mushrooms are reported to have many benefits for your body.

  • could help to strengthen your immune system
  • could help to support your nervous system
  • seem to be antioxidant rich
  • seem to have anti-inflammatory properties
  • could be important for brain health
  • contains Green Rooibos Extract

Cordyceps - Reishi - King Trumpet - Shitake - Lion's Mane - Turkey Tail

These capsules are free of sugar, yeast, dairy, flavourants and preservatives

* If pregnant or lactating discuss with a healthcare practitioner. 

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