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Annique OptiClear - 30 Capsules Exp 3/2021

A safe and powerful way to detoxify your body. It is specifically aimed at removing heavy metals, nitrates and toxins.

annique opticlear with absorbatox

Annique OptiClear contains Absorbatox. Absorbatox is a powerful all natural volcanic mineral that acts like a sponge by collecting and absorbing toxins from your body. It is not absorbed by your body at all, it only travels through your body collecting and transporting toxins and excreting them through your normal bodily functions.

Annique OptiClear is an amazing way to repair your body and internal organs to improve your health in bounds and leaps. OptiClear with Absorbatox™ is an entirely Natural Product with the added benefits of Green Rooibos tea extract.

Effective in preventing headaches and nausea after over indulgence (take 2-4 capsules).

It helps to protect the lungs and the liver which is of importance for smokers/drinkers. It helps to reduce alcohol damage to the central nervous system and intestines.

It is also useful for people suffering from Wilson's disease - copper build up in soft tissue organs (brain, liver, etc) and TMAU.

*Previously called Zerotox (same product, just renamed and with new packaging),

** There are no known side effects

++++This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease

30 hardgel capsules

OptiClear capsules contain No sugar, yeast, salt, corn, wheat, dairy, flavourants or preservatives.


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