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Annique Circulex Cellulite Treatment - 150ml

Triple action cellulite attack with a  concentrated deep penetrating formula.

annique circulex cellulite cream

  • Annique’s Circulex Cellulite Treatment helps to remove toxins trapped in fat cells that are the root of the cellulite evil. 
  • It contains three highly effective actives that will help reduce unsightly cellulite and nourish your skin.

1. Cellsothin breaks down large fat cells and stops cellulite from forming

2. Heat Sense Complex creates a warming effect and improves circulation and lymph drainage. Your skin may become red and hot after application, but the ingredients are not harmful and the length and the intensity of the warming effect differ from person to person - although Annique Circulex has a low irritant profile, it is important to wash your hands after application and avoid touching sensitive areas like your eyes

3. Caffeine improves blood circulation and the appearance of cellulite

Green Rooibos extract is a powerful natural antioxidant that safeguards against allergic reactions from toxins that are released from cellulite.

Apply twice a day.

Additional Information

What is cellulite and what can you do?

  • Toxins become trapped in fat cells and this is the cause of cellulite
  • Blood vessels transport oxygen and nutrients to your skin and fat cell tissues. The cells are covered by lymph that removes waste products from your body
  • Too much sugar and carbohydrates and not enough exercise makes makes your body sluggish and the tissue gets blocked by its own waste products which inhibits the removal of waste products
  • Cellulite is a sign of "blockage" in your body and a lymphatic system overloaded by toxins
  • Toxins need to be removed before before an improvement in cellulite is possible
  • Using Annique Circulex cellulite cream therefore should go hand in hand with cleansing your body with OptiClear
  • To do : consume less alcohol and caffeine and drink more water and Rooibos tea
  • To do: limit your refined carbohydrate intake
  • To do: do some form of exercise
  • To do: dry body brushing with a brush with natural bristles or the Annique Body Wonder sponge

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