Annique Synergy Oil Control Cleanser - 150ml

Be proactive: choose the best Cleanser for Oily and Problem skin. The gel produces a rich foam that washes away impurities and “old” oil residue. The antibacterial ingredients in the Annique Synergy Oil Control Cleanser promote healing of problem skin and reduce the incidence of infections.

annique synergy oil control cleanser

Although it is a powerful formula that contains Tea Tree oil and Witch Hazel, it is remarkably mild and will not irritate or dehydrate your skin. The inclusion of Annique’s Green Rooibos extract reduces the incidence of allergic reactions.

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✔ Sensitive skin

Additional Information

Remember, excessive cleansing of oily and problem skin may aggravate the oily problem because your skin try to compensate for the removal of excessive oil by producing more oil. So try to cleanse only in the evenings and rinse your face in the mornings with pure Rooibos / Red bush infused water.

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