Annique Essense Skin Detox - 30ml

Rise above the Rest, Treat your skin with the Best.

  • A rare find indeed, Annique Essence Skin Detox is just such a lovely, lovely product
  • Thanks to this extraordinary product you will be able to address a host of different skin concerns all at once. It is like a Genie in a bottle and at an affordable price too!
  • Use first in your skincare regime after cleansing annique skin detox
  • Reduces acne, pimples, pigmentation marks, ageing and dullness
  • By replacing essential fatty acids Essense Skin Detox creates a healthy diet for your skin and your skin should start showing its appreciation from day one
  • You and Your skin will fall in love with this serum the first time you apply it. The quality of the formulation and the way it feels on your skin is simply amazing

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annique skin detox

Additional Information

Your skin needs detoxing from pollution and stress and Skin Detox is your first port of call
It lightens Pigmentation marks and scars and is even more effective when used in combination with Essence Derma Bright. You will soon see a difference
It is an important product if your skin is prone to breakouts and also improves acne damaged skinIt is a must for controlling adult acne and pimples
It adds moisture without being stickyDry flaking skin will benefit greatly from daily application including smokers’ lines
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I would definitely recommend this to my friends. I have been using the product for over a year now. It is part of my daily routine and makes my skin feel smoother and looking more hydrated and fresh. Can't do without it anymore. I have a combination skin and use it once or twice a day.


I have recently started using Skin Detox and I was amazed at the results. My main reason was pigmentation marks and Skin Detox really helped and to my surprise the results was fantastic in such a short time! I recently went back to South Africa to visit family and friends, and I received so many complements of how great my skin looked. Pure Magic!


I am wary of products that say they can work "magic" but Annique's Skin Detox does all it says on the bottle and more! I have been using it for 3 weeks and already my skin tone has evened out and my skin has the texture of velvet. I am looking forward to seeing what my skin is like in 3 months at this rate!!


I have been using the Skin detox for only a week now and the ugly brown pigmentation around my eyes has definitely become much lighter - combined with the vitamin E ampoulettes, it is not just magic but a miracle... Thank you Annique...


I was introduced to Skin Detox 5 years ago. It did amazing things for my skin back then and got me hooked on Annique. I stopped using Skin Detox after 6 months (heaven knows why?!). My skin is going through a bad patch right now (due to hormones and food intolerances) so I bought Skin Detox again. I've only applied it twice and already people are commenting on how soft, radiant and healthy my skin looks! My skin feels more "plumped up" and nourished and I guess it shows. This really is an amazing product and this time I won't stop using it - ever!


Hi, I have been using the Annique range for three years now. I love the Skin Detox, actually my skin loves it!! I have eczema and when I get a flair up my face is always the worst part of me. I was never able to use any kind of products on my face except a moisturiser for eczema. Since using Annique the flare ups have practically stopped. After a shower my face would feel so tight, now I find the detox works brilliantly to relieve the sensitivity I would normally have. A brilliant product.

Fiona Drury

My skin is a terrible conbination of teenage spots and midlife wrinkles!! Not a good look, skin detox has helped both, far less outbreaks, esp hormonal ones and really brighter more supple skins so those frown lines have lessened too, now I have younger looking skin without the spots to match, fabulous

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