Annique Essense Brightening Treatment - 30ml

Pigmentation marks no more !

Annique's Essense Brightening Treatment Cream is replacing the Essense Derma Bright ampoules.

  • An advanced combination of Two forms of Vit C and Liquorice, Vit E and Rooibos tea Extract
  • Paraben Free
  • This is a skin treatment product and therefore a "first" product - apply immediately after cleansing for best results in the morning and evening
  • It is important to Always use an Annique Sun Block with the Essense Brightening treatment when applied in the morning
Vit CBrightens skin & improves skin health
LiquoriceAdds radiance - anti-inflammatory
Vit EPrevents Skin damage & improves skin's moisture content
RooibosSoothing - rich in natural antioxidants

To accelerate pigmentation treatment combine Brightening Treatment with Annique Essense Skin Detox


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