Annique Forever Young Q10 Therapy Skin Energy - 1pc

  • A Refresher Course for your skin.

Refresh and Energise your skin the Annique way.

  • annique q10 skin therapy cell energyAnnique Forever Young Q10 Therapy contains a number of great ingredients that will benefit your skin from the word go.
  • It combines the power of Green Rooibos extract plus homeopathic herbal and plant extracts, plus some other serious anti-ageing ingredients like co-enzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic acid.

All the ingredients are top class and work together to improve the micro-circulation of your skin that stimulate your skin’s natural ability to improve and heal itself.

So, if your skin shows signs of ageing and looks and feels a bit stressed, tired and dull; keep Annique's Q10 Therapy Skin Energy in mind – the clue is in the name….. But just so that you know, it has calming properties too that soothe cellular inflammation and reduce skin reactions by boosting your skin’s natural immunity.

Apply Mornings and Evenings.


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A wonderful start to the day for skin! I use it under the herbal moisturizer after rinsing my face in the morning. It gives my skin an instant lift, and any puffiness under/around the eyes reduces within minutes. At 24, my skin often takes a knock from secondary smoke in bars and the ever-dehydrating effects of alcohol. I've found this product fantastic for my sometimes tired/dehydrated and slightly neglected skin. And it smells great! Q10 definitely gives results within a very short space of time. I've found it works best in the days following an exfoliation treatment to rid dead surface-skin cells. I also found that my skin preferred a lighter moisturizer over Q10 (a more intense moisturizer coupled with Q10 I found to be too rich for my skin).


Great product. And reduces puffiness around eyes.

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