Annique Forever Young Creme de Nuit - 50ml

  • Formulated to make going to sleep more exciting….
  • annique creme de nuit
  • Ever popular Annique Creme de Nuit feels elegant and luxurious on your skin. It is soooo nourishing and moisturising and a must must must for the mature and dehydrated skin.
  • But despite its nourishing richness it also feels surprisingly light and silky on your skin.
  • It is suitable for any age group. Because it is fragrance free it is also suitable for sensitive skin.

So, jump aboard the Night Time Nourishing Express!

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Additional Information

At night the metabolism of the cells close to the surface of your skin accelerates and night creams are formulated differently to utilise this increased blood and oxygen supply during the night.

Annique's Crème de Nuit contains VNA10+ an ingredient that is great for nourishing and repairing your skin while you are sleeping. By combining VNA10+ with Rooibos extract, it turns into an unbeatable night-time treat.

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Renee South London

I have a pale, dry skin that can become sensitive and allergic if I use the wrong products and this is by far the best night cream I have used! It is so beneficial that I often use it as a day cream. My skin is no longer dry and it is the absorbency and texture and softness, once absorbed, that does it for me and the fact that base and/or powder glide over the cream very well, all in all leaving a great end result. I use it at least once a day. I use a fair amount at night, which is always perfectly absorbed .Often night creams can be thick and sticky whereas Crème de Nuit is rich and nourishing and easily absorbed and it still feels as if one's skin can breathe! I always recommend it to my friends! My mother and I have been using The Annique Skin Care Range for many years. We were introduced to the range by a representative that lived opposite us in South Africa. The representative has the most incredible skin! My mother started using the product before me and also has an incredible skin! The beauty of their skins convinced me that Annique is the business! I started using Annique and noticed positive changes. Having had far too much sun exposure and being a casual smoker, my skin needed help. With time, Crème de Nuit and The Annique Skin Care Range have visibly improved my skin. The Annique Skin Care Range is cost effective and all in all brilliant! What more could one want? On occasion, over the years, I have tried many skincare products, most expensive and highly acclaimed. However my skin has often become irritated and developed pimples. With Annique I know it works and therefore know what to expect.


I am very happy and please with Creme de Nuit. Creme de Nuit improves the elasticity of your skin it really does not irritate your skin and is beneficial for the older skin that needs extra nourishment! FANTASTIC!"

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