Annique ResQue Mist - 100ml

This is the kind of product that should be in every household.

Resque Mist sprays away everyday ailments that afflict everyone at some or other time.

It can lend a helping hand for complaints like neck and muscle pain, insomnia, headaches, migraine, sinus, hay fever, colds, flu, allergies, bronchitis and asthma.

annique resque mist

Annique Rescue mist contains white flower oils to help with nasal congestion and asthma. Simply spray it on your (or a child’s) pillow at night. Or spray it in the air and inhale deeply.

For aches and pains, spray it directly on the area and rub in. Also try it for sore burning feet, pimples, insect bites and rashes.

TIP: Customers report good results when using Resque mist in combination with Resque cream to treat shingles

Mums report that it scares head lice too!

Peppermint Oil Reduces the inflammation of nasal passages and relieve muscle pains. Reliefs asthma and stress
CamphorCooling & stimulating. Reliefs headaches & colds
WintergreenHay fever
Eucalyptus OilHeals wounds, burns & skin cancer. Uplifting aroma. Decongestant. Asthma & headache pain relief. Coughs & colds. Insect repellent
MentholReliefs muscle aches & sprains Mildly anaesthetic and anti-irritant
Green Rooibos extract

Natural antioxidant

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I just want to use this opportunity to say thank you, for a wonderful product like Annique Resque mist. I'm a breast and ovarian cancer patient here in Scotland. My daughter send me the product, telling me to try it and to my delight it gave me so much relieve over the pain areas, just by spraying it on. During my 6 cycle chemo over 4 months, I had extreme nerve pain that I couldn't take any painkillers for, but I could use the mist for some most wanted comfort. Much appreciation


This is an amazing product, I have been using it for nearly 2 years now, especially for my baby. He really struggled with his teething and night times were the worst. He would get very bunged up and irritable. We would spray the ResQue mist on his clothes around his neckline and within seconds he would be sleeping peacefully. I've never seen anything like it! In fact we hardly ever give our children paracetemol now, ResQue mist is our first port of call.


This is an excellent product! I discovered it recently and I am so glad I did. I have been suffering with repeated attacks of cold & flu this winter and I especially struggled sleeping with blocked nose & nasal passages. I started spraying ResQue Mist on my pillow and it was a lifesaver! It made me feel calm & restful as well as helping me to breath easier. I often spray it on my little girl's pillow as well when she has a cold. And funny enough out of desperation I even started spraying it on my husband's pillow to help with his constant snoring... I will highly recommend this product, especially if you have a family. The things you can use this product for is just endless and it is great value for money!


This is my favourite Annique product. I even gave a bottle to each of my best friends last year for Christmas. I take it on every holiday and I keep it with me always. Its wonderful if you have sensitive skin. I get heat rashes in patches all over my body and a spray of this totally sorts it out. Its also great for insect bites - it soothes them instantly and I use it as a repellent - worked wonders on a trip to India. The smell is amazing so I feel like I'm getting protection and a fresh summery scent. I highly recommend this product as a versatile must have. I've also got a bottle of the cream for scrapes and insects bites - it really soothed a nasty burn I got.

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