Annique Resque Cream for Eczema and other skin problems - 1pc

Your Zero Steroids, Zero Cortisone Option for Eczema and skin allergies.

Annique Resque Cream for Eczema and other skin problems

  • Annique Resque cream is based on the healing properties of Rooibos extract.
  • It is safe to use on all skin types, even sensitive skin, and for any age; even young babies.
  • It can be applied all over the body including on the face and around the eyes.
  • If you or your little ones are troubled by eczema, dry itchy skin or skin allergies, this cream is a great solution.
  • It is an absolute must for Chicken pox. Because Rescue cream takes away the itching, the urge to scratch is greatly reduced or even eliminated so scarring and unsightly marks can be avoided.
  • annique baby rescue creamResque Cream must be applied at the first sign of chicken pox rash so it is best to ensure you have it handy in your medicine cabinet at all times.
  • Rescue cream contains the highest percentage of Rooibos extract of all the Annique products.
  • The therapeutic properties of Rooibos include anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic and anti-ageing.

It is no wonder that this is an award winning cream. Never be without it!

** Not suitable for weepy eczema

Additional Information

Eczema - Dry itchy skin - rashesInsect Bites
PilesCuts, Burns & Grazes
Skin allergiesRazor burn
Soothing relief after waxing brow and bikini areasGrass burns

Severe grass burns can be treated effectively by first applying Essense Intense Repair Serum and then Resque cream.


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"Fantastic product. I use it to soothe razor skin rash, cuts, burns and pimples. Highly recommended."

Roy from Cambridge

"This is an excellent product - only one that has ever helped my skin rash (my doctor said I'd just have to live with it) - many thanks !"


"This is an amazing cream and would highly recommed! I have bought this for my 4 year old daughter, after using Oilatum, Diprobase & mild stereoid cream for her eczema. Within 4 days her skin improved so much and without any itching!"

Faustina Fortunato

This cream is the best thing that has ever happened to us! i have tried everything and then i came across this website through ebay while i was still searching for cream to treat my son's eczema and WOW the cream has been a dream miracle for me. please try it straight away, what's the worst that could happen the cost of the cream. trust me you will not be dissappointed. i wasn't."

Fiona Drury

I cannot believe I'm sharing this with name attached too but I'm sure it's not a usual review but important for fellow sufferers!! My 3 year old has eczema which is so improved with this fab cream but, or should I say BUTT-- I have had piles now for about 18 mths and very urksome to. I've tried conventional, traditional, alternative remedies and even resorted to the down right eye watering and they just "hang" on in there, well with 4 days use of this cream my little monsters are finally departing!! Thank you Annique


I found this website when looking for remedies for chicken pox as my 3 year old son has them at the moment , they are quite severe and very itchy. I ordered this cream yesterday and to my delight it arrived this morning !! not even 24 hours after i had ordered it. I have applied it 4 times today and although the spots are still very visable they seem to have calmed down and are not as itchy. My son has managed to have a nice relaxed day with not to much upset and discomfort, i would just like to say thank you for the fast delivery and that i am very glad you have created this cream i will be recommending this site to my friends and have already ordered 2 more tubes of this creme , thank you once again.


Has worked wonders on my husband psoriosis on his face this is worse than exzema and now u can not tell his face is back to normal this realy does work


I initially got this cream as a gift and was doubtful at first. I used it on every single problem I could find on my body-from a pimple to the usual rash I get from wearing my ring and watch. It cleared up within a day. I am so enthralled with this product that I have run out of and that is why I am on this website and decided to write this review. I am from South Africa and knew that the product is good but this has really proved to me how valuable my rescue cream is to me. I do not go anywhere without it!


Nothing my dermatologist prescribed, could help me with my exzema , until I started using Resque cream. My eczema is now a thing of the past, and I have stopped using the cream, but continue using Annique skin care products (cleanser for normal skin, and Sensi Creme moisturiser). Ten out of ten!!


How fortunate to receive an Anique gift pack containing Rescue Cream! With some doubt I started using it for itchy skin, felt almost instant relief and then also used it on the occasional pimple, with amazing results! Now I am never without it. It also turned out extremely useful when I stepped on a stingy nettle and nearly fainted from pain, but thanks to Resque Cream the pain disappeared in less than 5 minutes!


I ve been using the Annique Rescue cream for more than a year now and it's absolotely wonderful. For this cold UK weather I couldn't find a better product to relieve my dry lips and skin and it even protects my lips and skin against the wind. Brilliant product!


I have struggled with some burns and scars on my skin. After using Resque Cream, it started improving in minutes. Defnitely a must in every hand bag! It also helps for shave bumps for men!!


I have always suffered with exema, and had a very bad bout of it around my eyes at one stage. Someone reccommended Resque cream and within a week it was gone! (It didn't sting at all, it was completely soothing) I now use it every night as my moisturiser, no eczema, no pimples no worries! - It's definitely not just for emergencies! - I have been using this product for 3 years now... I am from South Africa, and was so excited to found Annique in the UK! Try it, it will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself...


For the past week, the skin at the sides of my mouth has been very cracked and sore. Over this time I have applied different creams, antiseptics, etc., but with no relief whatsoever. After dabbing on some Resque Cream a few times, the relief was almost instantaneous and now, the following day, the condition has all but disappeared!


Everyone should have this wonderful Cream to come to the Rescue for just about everything! First time overnight results was on an ingrown hair, I couldn't believe my eyes. Since, I have used it on burns which not only speeds up the healing process but also prevents scarring. Great results on dry skin, irritated skin, skin around tired eyes, dry lips, insect bites, cuts. I have also used it safely on my baby since birth for everything. It works almost instantly on dry skin and scratches. It finally cleared up the vaccination scar on his arm in 3 days after it was infected for nearly 2 months. As with all other products, it last forever and is a great gift to spread the news of this wonderful product range called 'Annique' with fantastic customer service to your hand.


Was given a sample by a friend and will definitely be ordering some as in just a couple of days has almost cleared up stubborn and itchy dermatitis that I have had on my hands for months.


Resque Cream is brilliant for dry skin conditions caused by diabetes - especially on the face. Two applications for serious cracked corners of the mouth (in my case caused by high blood sugar) improves the condition markedly and will heal the cracked corners completely within two to three days with three applications per day. My biggest fear is that this cream will disappear from the market. I have tried many other products, but this is the first one that really works for my specific conditions.


I never leave my house without the Annique resque cream, it`s a miracle in a tube. It also does wonders for burns. I burned my finger on a hot plate the other day, and instead of the usual ice, i immediately applied the rescue cream, and it wasn`t long before the burning feeling was totally gone. It`s also great for pimples and dry skin. Definitely a must have.


My 12 week old baby had terrible eczema on her face, which creams from the GP did not seem to work on at all. After speaking to a South African friend, I tried the rescue cream. Within 3 days, her skin had cleared up completely! We now use the baby bath and the baby lotion everyday, and my baby now has beautiful soft skin, just like a baby should have! Will carry on using, love the products!


Very speedy service, far exceeded expectations and a totally brilliant product! The ResQue cream is fantastic for chicken pox!!!


This has got to be the best cream that has been made for Eczema. My 6 year old son has been prescribed endless steroid and cortisone creams, which have maybe helped a little but have never actually cleared the eczema completely. The Resque cream on the other hand works wonders and does it quickly. It is without doubt the best cream i have ever used. I rate this 12 out of 10!!


I received this Resque cream as a gift from a family member that is an Annique distributer and have used it for many skin emergencies with great results! Last week my 17 month old played with my make-up and after smearing it all over her face she developed a huge red rash all over. I washed her face with Rooibos tea and applied Annique's Resque cream - the rash disappeared within 15 minutes!!! It's the best product I've ever come across and I will highly recommend it! I've also used it for pimples, shaving cuts, sunburn, burn marks & many more I can't even remember. This product is safe & very useful for the whole family!

Jan du Toit

Couldn't believe my luck when I found Annique in the UK. Used resque cream first back in SA and it is the best for everything. From burns and insect bites, to helping with my baby's little skin emergencies. The best cream on the market!!!

Anonymous Yorkshire

My baby suffers from dry eczema patches and resque cream always bring quick relief. I am very impressed because I have tried loads of other creams that did not help.


I used the resque cream in the chickenpox kit and it was amazing. Not only did my 2 year old daughter not seem to really experience much itching but after applying the cream each evening there was a very noticeable difference by the morning. I am already recommending annique resque cream to other Mums.


My 6yr old daughter recently had chicken pox and I called Ansie in a panick - this was my first encounter with any of the childhood illnesses! She sent me some resQue creme and Vitamine E Tissue Oil capsules. For the next 5 days my daughter bathed in a strong redbush tea solution and then I applied one tissue oil capsule mixed with resQue creme over her whole body (the oil also helped the creme go on easier). I then only applied resQue creme to the odd itchy spot after that - in fact she only had two spots that itched and the resQue creme provided immediate relief so we had NO scratching. It was amazing, the only spots that got big and blistered significantly were the spots that appeared before I started with the above routine. The others seemed to only put in a half-hearted appearance and then dry up. All her spots were dry within 5 days after the first spot appeared. Three weeks later my 9mnth old son came out in spots - same routine - same result. Never again will we be without resQue creme. We especially like the fact that it is suitable for even a baby skin.


I heard about you from a South African friend of mine. My baby girl had a very dry face & scalp. I was using olive oil every day which was helping a bit but not clearing it up. I ordered some of your sample Annique cream & Baby soap & within a day or so i could see the differance, it was fantastic & it smells so nice too. So i ordered some more straight away. I have told all my friends about you & i'm so glad my friend knew about you. Her daughter is now 14 & she used your products on her when she was a baby. Thanks


I can't really say more than all the excellent reviews before me. What I can say is that this cream is a life changer. Lots of products out there are claiming to be remedies to ailments and conditions. Not this one. This is REALLY working. I had really bad eczema and really dry flaky skin in and around my ears. A South African lady strongly recommended this cream and gave me a tester to see if it works. Well, the rest is history. Due to the effectiveness of this cream on me, I might now look at some of the other similar products. I know I'm going to love it! Thank you Annique!

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