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Annique Face Facts Moisturiser SPF 8 - 50ml

Annique Face Facts Moisturiser SPF 8 - 50ml

Provides both moisture and sun protection SPF 8 and should be an integral part of a young skin's daily routine.

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Model:  FF103

Not for very sensitive skin - use Sensi cream instead.

  • This is a unisex moisturiser that is enriched with Rooibos extract
  • The formula is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic help for troubled skin.

Although the oil that your skin secretes is rich in nourishment it lacks moisture and your skin needs both.

A Dry, oil-rich skin produces more oil to provide relief for the tautness that lack of moisture creates.

When surplus oil is produced, the skin finds it hard to keep the pores clear.

Excess oil solidifies in the pore openings which is a major cause of problem skin.


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