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Annique Face Facts Cleanser - 100ml

Annique Face Facts Cleanser - 100ml

Annique Crystal Clear Cleanser is mild and effective but tough on acne.  

Unisex product for young skin 

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Model:  FF101

The inclusion of fruit acids helps to gently exfoliate the problem skin without “over" cleansing it.

 Problem, sensitive and allergic skin   ✔ Paraben Free

  • Oily skin should not be cleaned too harshly or too often
  • Over-cleansing strip the skin of its natural oil and stimulate the skin to produce more oil
  • Too much oil clog the pores

Learn more with Annique Acne tips

  • This is a gentle herbal formula
  • Based on skin friendly ingredients like
    • Annique’s organic Green Rooibos, sugar cane, bilberry, sugar maple, orange and lemon extracts
  • Crystal Clear can be used to shave the face and legs
  • It prevents shave rash and stops in-grown hair and combats breakouts
  • Mix Relax and Green Rooibos tea rinse your face or spray on during the day to heal acne
  • Drink a mixture of Green Rooibos tea, Detox tea or Colon Cleanse tea to cleanse your body and heal acne from wihin
  • Good supplements to use are OptiVite, OptiDerm and OptiClear

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