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Annique Essense Sensi Cream - 1pc

At your wits end with your Sensitive skin?

Annique Sensi Creme is the moisturiser of choice for sensitive skin, period, full stop!

annique sensi cream

  • It is a fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic product that contains soothing Rooibos extract and essential fatty acids.
  • The secret of treating sensitive skin lies in calming and stabilising the skin with a product that won’t cause any reactions. This is where Sensi creme will show its true value. Sensi creme is specifically designed to ease sensitive red, irritated and inflamed skin.
  • If your skin is particularly sensitive and you are new to Annique skin care; you will greatly benefit from our Skin Stabilising plan below. This will ensure that you can make a smooth transition from your old products to the Annique products.

Fragrance Free     Sensitive Skin   ✔Eczema   ✔Allergic Skin

Annique's Advanced Skin Stabilising Plan for Sensitive Skin - see Additional information.

Additional Information

Annique's Advanced Skin Stabilising Plan for Sensitive Skin

Step1: Use Sensi Cream (or Resque cream) as a CLEANSER in the evenings and as a MOISTURISER in the morning and at night - or more often during the day if needed. Follow this routine for 10-14 days. Replace the Sensi Cream in your skin care routine every 10-14 days with ONE other Annique product.

Gradually introduce one other product from the Annique range every 10 – 14 days so that your skin is not overloaded with multiple new products at the same time. Keep things relaxed and slow and your skin will soon reap the benefits.

Step 2: Choose a cleanser according to your skin type (Lucid for dry skin, Hydrafine; Synergy for oily skin and Face Facts for acne prone skin)

Step 3: Keep on using Sensi cream as your moisturiser or opt for introducing another moisturiser to suit your skin type

Step 4: Next, choose a night cream for your skin type

Step 5: Choose a freshener

Step 6: Introduce an anti-ageing product. First on your list should be Essence Skin Detox and second is Forever Young Revitalising cream and Essence Moisture Serum.

Step 7: If your skin is happy and desensitised, you can introduce a mask and scrub of your choice for a weekly treat.

If you experience any adverse reactions, go back to the previous step

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