Annique Relax Tea - 20 bags

Annique Relax tea is a combination of Rooibos and Jasmine (Jaminum multipartitum). This subtly sweet and fragrant tea is a calming and relaxing cuppa when you are feeling stressed. It is therefore also an excellent night-cap before going to bed at night.

annique relax tea

Many research studies have been conducted on the antioxidant and anticancer nature of Jasmine tea which makes combining it with Rooibos all the more potent. In northern China it is customary to serve Jasmine tea as a welcoming gesture to guests, a lovely tradition that can be adopted by all to spend a relaxing time with friends.

jasmine plant

*Relax tea can be given to children two years and older.

*It is recommended to discuss the use of herbal tea with your health care Practitioner when you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding

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I am a South African living in Europe and have tried and tested many local and imported herbal teas over the years, BUT can honestly say that for taste, quality and value for money Annique's Herbal Relax tea is far better than any other. My Mum used to bring it over with her from SA on her visits, but now I can happily order it online and not run out!"


I have tried many realaxing hearbal teas but this is by far the most effective and nicest tasting of all the teas I have tried! A must have after a long day at the office!

Sandra Smith

This tea is great to help unwind after a stressful day at work. I have cup just before bedtime and sleep very well. There is also the night rest tea to help you sleep but I preferred this one.I generally don't like herbal teas, they all taste awful but this one tastes like the normal Rooibos tea which makes it very pleasant to drink.Now that I have tried it, I can't do without it.

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