Annique Colon Cleanse Tea - 20 bags

annique colon cleanse tea

Annique Colon Cleanse tea is a blend of Rooibos tea and Senna (Sennea folium) that acts as a natural laxative to help ease constipation. It gives you the option to tackle the matter in a natural way.

Good health depends on a healthy colon. Toxins stored in the colon will slowly be absorbed by the body and this toxic overload is the origin of a lot of diseases. Regular elimination of these toxins is therefore very important.

Annique Colon Cleanse tea detoxes your body in a natural and effective way that also benefits your skin, especially the acne prone skin. Detoxing the body helps with weight loss too!

senna plant

*It is recommended to discuss the use of herbal tea with your health care practitioner when you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding

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dorte bech jensen

... this tea is very very good against acne.. im drinking ½ liter a day,, and it keeps all my acne away. And makes my stomach feel good..


I have been struggling with IBS for a while now and from the time that I started using Annique Herbal Tea - colon cleanse detox tea with Senna, my IBS just got so much better! Fantastic product to use!!!"

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