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Annique Forever Young Bo-Serum - 30ml

Annique Forever Young Bo-Serum - 30ml

This is not just another serum .....

NEW Up-Size 50ml container

It containis BONT-L peptide a synthetic peptide that mimics the results of Botox - minus the risk!

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Model:  FY103

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✔ Paraben Free  ✔ Fragrance Free

  • Annique Forever Young Bo-Serum is a highly effective serum 
  • So, here is your chance to stop fine lines and wrinkles dead in their tracks and softening and relaxing existing ones.
  • Annique’s “Botox” serum prevents facial expressions like laugh and frown lines from forming into full-blown wrinkles and lines
  • It relaxes the skin to prevent the skin from memorizing expression lines
  • Contains anti-ageing Rooibos extract as well as Cogon grass botanical extract
  • Cogon grass is an extraordinary ingredient high in potassium that helps your skin to retain moisture
  • In short, this is a highly effective anti-ageing moisturising serum that deserves to be included in any skin care regime
  • If you have had facial surgery you can up the game by using Bo-Serum to help keep your investment safe
  • Apply Annique Bo-Serum after Skin Detox in the Mornings and Evenings
  • It can be used from 15 years onwards to help prevent lines from forming

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