Which Annique products do I apply first in the Morning?

Tuesday, 13 September 2016  |  Admin

When to Apply What... Which Annique products do I apply first? With so many new and old standby products it gets a little confusing to decide in what order to apply your Annique products.

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Tip: A little beauty secret for you: gently tap your face all over after you have applied your lotions and potions and before you use your Toner to stimulate the cells and get the circulation going to increase absorption.

Tip: You do not have to use every product in the range. Experiment to see what works for You. Mix things up from time to time and introduce a product that you have not used before.

Tip: Counting the pennies? Invest in a pricier product but use it only once or twice a week. That way your pocket benefits and your skin will surely show appreciation too ?

Tip: If you have time it is nice to place and hold a warm sponge or flannel over your face before cleansing to help dissolve and lift makeup before applying a cleanser.

Apply products one at a time. Do try to leave at least a few seconds between products to allow for them to absorb before adding the next product but it is not absolutely necessary to do it every time. 

Although we can give guidelines there is no magical exact guide or steps set in stone. We do not all use or need the same products. We all have our own preferences and only you can decide on what suits your skin best.