What's in your Rooibos cuppa?

Friday, 24 September 2010  |  Admin

The Japanese call Rooibos tea long-life tea and no wonder, considering what your body gets from a daily cup or two or three......

Up to 6 cups of Rooibos tea, a day is just fine!

You probably already know that Rooibos is chock-full of antioxidants,

BUT did you also know that it is chock-full of some basic minerals that your body needs every day in order to be able to sit up and take notice???

Calcium - for the bones and teeth.

Iron - to whizz life-giving oxygen around your body.

Magnesium - good to help regulate your body temperature, them bones again and manufacturing those all-important proteins in your body.

Also releasing energy from your muscles which is great for when you are traipsing around the gym and so forth...

Potassium - regulates your blood pressure and your heartbeat, otherwise, your ticker may start missing a few beats. Good for keeping insomnia at bay too!

Sodium - now, now don't fret, the salt/sodium in Rooibos is of the healthy variety and good for you. Sodium is very important in regulating many of your body's functions, especially regarding your nerves and muscles.

Zinc - very essential for your body and for wound healing and for beautiful skin!

 Fluoride for them teeth again! The moral of the story is that Rooibos is good for dental health. NB This is natural fluoride and NOT the synthetic stuff that is added to water and toothpaste.

Fancy a cuppa of the Good Stuff?