How to stay Hydrated

Tuesday, 10 February 2015  |  Admin

  • Do not wait until you are thirsty or has a dry mouth before you drink water - it is the last signs that you need water
  • Drink only minimal amounts of water with your meals so that you do not dilute the acid in your stomach that helps you digest food
  • Drink at least 2 glasses of water when you wake up and 2 glasses 1 minutes before meals
  • A rough guide of the minimum amount of water you should drink per day :
    • Work out your weight in kg or lbs - halve it - you should drink this amount of water in milliliters or ounces per day
    • Drink more during hot weather or when exercising
  • Drink water at room temperature - refrigerated water can damage your stomach lining and takes longer to be absorbed into your body
  • Store bottled water away from direct sunlight
  • Drink only filtered water or herbal tea like Rooibos if possible - many soft drinks contain chemicals and sugar
  • Minimise caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Frequent visits to the toilet enable the body to get rid of harmful waste products