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How to prepare Milk Formula with Annique

Sunday 6th June 2010

Want to know how to prepare Rooibos Baby tea and more ?

Annique Organic Baby Rooibos tea is great for babies with digestive troubles. It calms the digestive system and promotes good sleeping patterns.

Annique Baby Rooibos tea

? Annique uses only the very best young leaves of the Rooibos plant to make Rooibos Baby tea. Carefully sterilised, baby can safely enjoy this relaxing fruity drink without even the need of a drop of sweetener.

What is in Annique Baby Rooibos tea? Nothing but Pure Rooibos tea with natural essential minerals like iron that is important to your baby's health! No Additives: Just pure goodness from the earth

? We suggest using the tea from six months of age - to use the tea at an earlier age, contact your health adviser

Benefits of Rooibos Baby tea:

Baby Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine freeNaturally preservative freeNatural Low tannin content unlike normal tea that has high tannin levelsA Nutritious and calming drink full of natural Essential MineralsNo sweetener needs to be added because Rooibos tea is naturally sweet!Perfect for Colic - Allergies - Insomnia - Eczema - Stomach crampsA healthy drink on its own with or without milk or mixed with fruit juice

? You can bath your baby in Baby Rooibos tea or Green Rooibos tea water to relieve eczema and other skin problems

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