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Detoxification Symptoms

When you accelerate the natural detox process with a specific detoxing regime or changing your diet/lifestyle; this natural process is accelerated and so are the symptoms. 

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  Detox does not have to be difficult or confusing if you follow Annique's Rooibos tea detox principles. Also, find out more about detoxing symptoms when you accelerate your body's own natural elimination processes.

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Annique / Paraben Facts

Did you know that Parabens are found naturally in lots of fruits and vegetables that enable them to preserve themselves?

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A Golden Opportunity: Annique Beauty bar

Annique Gold Beauty Bar

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Annique Pregnancy Guide

Annique guidelines - it is always wise to discuss any health matters and dietary changes with your health adviser, but here are some general guidelines about Diet and Supplements as well as some Frequently asked questions and answers.

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The Amazing story of the discovery of the properties of Rooibos tea.....

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Annique Staying Hydrated

  • Do not wait until you are thirsty or has a dry mouth before you drink water - it is the last signs that you need water
  • Drink only minimal amounts of water with your meals so that you do not dilute the acid in your stomach that helps you digest food
  • Drink at least 2 glasses of water when you wake up and 2 glasses 1 minutes before meals
  • A rough guide of the minimum amount of water you should drink per day :
    • Work out your weight in kg or lbs - halve it - you should drink this amount of water in milliliters or ounces per day
    • Drink more during hot weather or when exercising
  • Drink water at room temperature - refrigerated water can damage your stomach lining and takes longer to be absorbed into your body
  • Store bottled water away from direct sunlight
  • Drink only filtered water or herbal tea like Rooibos if possible - many soft drinks contain chemicals and sugar
  • Minimise caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Frequent visits to the toilet enable the body to get rid of harmful waste products