Detoxification Symptoms and coping

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Symptoms of Detoxification & Coping

TL Tonkin and B M Tonkin Annique health specialists - June 2006

Blog Post about easy detoxing with Annique teas and supplements.

When you accelerate your body's natural detox process with a specific detoxing regime or changing your diet/lifestyle; this natural process is accelerated and so are the symptoms.

The mode of elimination is called the healing crisis

It is not necessary to have an aggressive detox regime. In general, a healthy lifestyle and diet can help you to eliminate toxins naturally. Therefore, an unhealthy diet will increase the toxic burden but a healthy diet of fresh and whole foods will naturally eliminate toxins before they accumulate in the body.

Symptoms showing that toxins are being eliminated can occur within hours or days and could be experienced as a headache, dizziness, weakness, and a queasy feeling in the stomach. The "correction" of the body occurs from top to bottom so, the first sign is usually a headache and the last diarrhoea.

Healing crisis can occur in one of the following ways accompanied by certain symptoms and usually lasts from one to three days but it could last longer if the body has a lot of waste / toxins to eliminate. Many people feel very little discomfort. ***However, should you feel that the symptoms are too severe and last for longer than a few days it is best to consult with your medical advisor.

  • Nosebleed - preceded by dull sense of hearing, ringing in the ears, tears, nose itching, and beating of the veins in the temples
  • Vomiting - signs are asthma, change in rhythm of breathing, bitter taste in mouth, cardiac pain, stomach convulsions, lower pulse, and trembling of lower lip
  • Urination - signs are heaviness of the bladder, thickness and excess of urine, bright colour of urine on the fourth day of detoxification and the crisis on the seventh day
  • Perspiration - signs are light-headedness, itching, and alternating chills and fever
  • Diarrhoea - signs are intestinal pain and cramping, heaviness of body, stomach gas, backache, coloured faeces, and grumbling intestines


  • Psychologically accepting the symptoms
  • Rest, no strenuous exercise
  • Eat easily digestible food - fruit and veggies and drink lots of water and herbal tea like Rooibos tea
  • Tablets to help the liver to cope (Body Clear/Zerotox)

Here are some notes compiled by Annique health advisor  Bev Tonkin on the detoxification process so you can be prepared for them when you start taking OptiClear.

  • You will see that the 4th, 7th or 15th day can be the worst for detox symptoms. However, I always recommend that my clients start taking one OptiClear capsule at night with a full glass of water, starting on a Friday night when the weekend ahead is fairly clear of engagements and you can rest. If the detox symptoms are uncomfortable, then miss a night and take the following evening to slow the process down. Continue in this manner until you no longer feel any symptoms. You can then up the dosage to one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. Please ensure that you take the OptiClear two hours before or after any medication.
  • The reactions can start occurring within hours of starting the OptiClear. It is very important to drinks lots of water to facilitate the detox process (8 glasses per day while on OptiClear).
  • As soon as the healing crisis occurs (4th, 7th, 15th day) you will start feeling the beneficial effects of the diminishing toxicity in your body.
  • In my experience, every client has shown a different detox pattern but usually after the 4th day there is a great improvement and my clients have coped very well with their working lives.
  • Obviously we are dealing with the body, which is a complex organism that cannot be programmed, so the results in each person will be different.
  • This product has been screened and approved by the South African Medicines Control Council.

Bev Tonkin, BSc (Rand)