Annique / Paraben Facts

Thursday, 23 August 2018  |  Admin
  • Parabens are preservatives that have been used for decades in countless cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical products all over the world. The use of long chain parabens was prohibited in the European Union (EU) in 2014. Short chain parabens, however, are absolutely safe to use
  • The preservation of cosmetic products is critically important for consumer safety. Preservatives help prevent microorganisms from compromising a cosmetic product, causing the product to spoil. They are required in very small quantities to prevent negative microbial activity, so they essentially give products a longer shelf life.
  • The negative publicity around parabens has been on-going for a number of years, citing speculation that they mimic oestrogen in the body, causing cancer. Although this has never been scientifically substantiated, the hype has resulted in the consumer perception that parabens are detrimental to human health.

  Did you know?

Parabens are found naturally in a vast number of fruits and vegetables, that enable them to preserve themselves. 

Consumers today are much more aware of the ingredients in products that they buy and the media is nowadays more tuned into publicising negative sensationalism about parabens and other safe and trusted cosmetic ingredients.

? Annique is now in the process of phasing out parabens as preservative in our skin and body care products. Although Annique has supported the use of short chain parabens as preservatives (and still do), we have made the decision, after countless requests from our Consultants and customers to make our products paraben free.

? An amazing new replacement preservative is a combination of the ingredients phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol and the benefits are vast.

The new replacement preservative is flexible, in that it is effective and compatible in different types of emulsions, gels and even tonics. This new preservative