Annique Synergy Clear Complexion Freshener - 100ml

annique synergy clear complexion freshener

  • Controlling oil and shine and clarifies problem / oily skin.
  • Annique’s Synergy Clear Complexion Freshener contains alcohol and Witch Hazel to help reduce oil production and breakouts.
  • Anti-bacterial Tee Tree oil and anti-inflammatory antioxidant rich Green Rooibos extract keeps your skin in perfect balance, shine free and healthy.
  • Witch Hazel has a calming effect and the toner is not drying. It helps to refine large pores, something that is important for the oily skin.
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✔ Sensitive skin

Additional Information

Controls shineNormalises oil secretions
Refines poresPrevents & clear up breakouts
  • Toning is an important step in a healthy skin routine to restore the natural pH balance of the skin. Modern day toners have made great advances and the days of harsh drying toners are long gone.
  • As with all the Annique fresheners, Synergy toner is sprayed on after all your other skin care products had been applied to close the pores. This is done after your skin has absorbed the ingredients of other products. A fine mist is all you need.
  • If your skin is going through a particularly oily or problem phase, you can spritz the Clear Complexion toner on as often as possible during the day. Hold the bottle about 6 inches / 15cm away from your face and spray in a circular motion to get an even application.


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