Annique Synergy Cleansing Soap bar - 125g

A facial bar of soap that is Highly Recommended for Oily and Problem skin if you prefer soap and water to a liquid cleanser. In a nutshell, Annique Synergy soap is a no-nonsense glycerine based soap bar for your face and your body that removes excess sebum, makeup and dirt that leaves your skin clean, calm, invigorated and moisturised.

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Definitely a must try for the soap and water kind of girl!

✔ Sensitive skin

Additional Information

It is very effective for cleansing without being harsh on your skin. It works wonders for helping to control excess oil. Because of the specific combination of ingredients it also helps to keep acne, blackheads and other skin problems under control.

Synergy Cleansing bar works into a rich lather that rinses off easily and is very effective for cleaning oily skin.

It does not dry the skin, on the contrary it makes your skin feel smooth, soft and supple. Your skin will benefit even more if you add Rooibos tera to your rinsing water.

The soap combines the goodness of Green Rooibos / Red Bush tea, Palm Kernel oil, Tee Tree oil and Witch Hazel with glycerine.

Anti-bacterial Tee Tree oil prevents acne, blackheads and breakouts, whereas Witch Hazel calms the skin. Rooibos is anti-inflammatory, non-irritating and anti-ageing and Palm Kernel and glycerine are both moisturising.

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