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Annique Lucid Moisture Replenishing Mask - 50ml

  • Moisture is the Name of the Game.
  • Annique Lucid Silky Skin Replenisher Mask
  • Annique’s Moisture Replenishing Mask mask is a “soft” moisture mask. This means that the masque does not dry on your skin and you do not necessarily have to wash it off after a specified time.
  • The Mask is also invisible which is really great if you are always pressed for time because it means you can apply it and leave it on. As a matter of fact, you can even leave it on overnight.

So there you have it, Annique Moisture Replenishing Mask masque provides an intensely moisturising treatment with no effort – so NO excuse, twice a week it is skin therapy time.

If your skin tends to be dry or dehydrated you can apply the masque more often. Best for dry, sensitive and mature skin. Avoid the eye area.


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