Annique Resque Hair Nutrition+ 100ml

  • This nifty Annique Hair Nutrition formula supports new hair growth, protects hair colour, protects against split ends and protects against hair loss and thinning hair. Shine, growth and moisture is what it is all about.
  • A super light, leave-on formula.

Annique Resque Hair Nutrition

  • Annique Hair Nutrition includes a unique vitamin complex and also incorporates Rooibos extract. Vitamins C, B5, B6 B8, B3 and E with added amino-acids from plant extracts make this a very healthy hair blend indeed.
  • A healthy dose of Rooibos extract makes it super non-irritating too. For Shiny, healthy hair, look no further!

Please note: this is not a styling product it is a hair-health product.

Go for a Glorious Healthy head of Hair!


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