Annique Green Rooibos tea - 20 bags

Enjoy the benefits of Green tea without the bitter taste of other green teas.

Because of the low tannin content in Rooibos tea, Annique Green Rooibos tea has a very subtle taste and is almost colourless in appearance.

annique green rooibos teaBut don’t let the mild taste confuse you. It contains 10 times more antioxidants and 10 times more of the flavonoid aspalathin than normal Rooibos tea. Aspalathin is a remarkable antioxidant specific to the Rooibos plant. Like regular Rooibos / Red bush tea, Green Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free and is a wonderful anti-ageing treat that is safe for expecting / nursing mums and babies too.

Good news if you are trying to lose weight is that Green Rooibos tea helps to burn fat and if you use it in combination with Ginger Detox tea you have got a great and tasty slimming recipe.

green rooibos tea

The latest scientific research confirms that Green Rooibos tea has great potential for topical application in skin care to protect against skin cancers too. That is why Annique decided to include it in some of their skin care products so that you can reap the benefits internally and externally.

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This is an excellent product. I really struggle to drink ordinary Green tea, but Annique`s Green tea is def. the best i`ve ever tasted. It`s so pleasant i don`t even have to use sugar. Great product, love it!!!


Ever since I read about the health benefits of green tea, I have been searching for a product I could tolerate. I had no luck with regular green tea, as the tannins irritated my IBS and the caffeine made me hyper. I tried regular rooibos tea, and loved the taste but couldn't tolerate the fermentation by-products. Then I googled and found your website offering green rooibos tea, and hit the jackpot. Economical. Mild pleasant taste, delicious mixed in a teapot with another favourite herbal tea, e.g. fennel, chamomile, licorice. Subtle refreshing pick-me-up effect - feels very 'moreish'. Noticeable reduction in IBs symptoms of wind/bloating. And the bonus of knowing that its content of antioxidants is ten times that of green tea!


Hi Annique, I was very hesitant to try your green tea, because I have tried other green tea in the past and found it very bitter and rather unpleasant. I was pleasantly surprised though and definitely will keep on buying green Rooibos. Can't really explain it, but I just feel sort of better since I have started drinking it.

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