Annique Forever Young RetiniQ - 30 Ampoules

Annique Forever Young RetiniQ is an Amazing Product – Brilliant Benefits - Stunning Results

annique retiniq capsules

Use Retiniq ampules for skin repair and rejuvenation and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to add radiance to your skin.

Always use an Annique sun block with RetiniQ.

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Additional Information

When wrinkles start to appear, it can seem like all is lost and that only an epic battle or cosmetic surgery is the answer. However, Annique's RetiniQ capsules will make short work of your ageing woes. Treating the signs of ageing is as simple as opening a RetiniQ capsule containing an advanced stable formula of Retonoic Acid which is the purest and safest form of administering Vitamins A, C and E and Lycopene to your skin. Your skin immediately soaks up the contents so that it can work its way to the cellular level to accelerate cell growth and increase collagen content.

It is great for treating dry skin and sun damaged skin too, because RetiniQ reverses the signs of ageing and UV-damage and it restores skin elasticity and helps boost collagen production in the skin. Results will be visible in no time!



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I've been using Annique products for 34 years and have always been complemented on the condition of my skin. I fell in love with RetiniQ immediately after using the first's an amazing product!!! When you stroke over your skin after applying, it feels like silk....magic!! Start using it as young as's an anti-ageing wonder!


I am a 33 year old ex South African who had pigmentation from sun and pregnancy. Since using RetiniQ I have noticed a huge improvement in not only my skin tone but also wrinkles. My pigmentation marks are a lot lighter and my skin looks so healthy. I love this product!

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