Annique Forever Young Eye Therapy - 15ml

  • The first signs of ageing are normally fine lines around the eyes. Annique Forever Young Eye Cream holds the secret to preventing and erasing crow’s feet around the eyes.

annique eye therapy

  • The delicate eye area needs a delicate product. Combining Rooibos extract with the rejuvenating ingredient Ampsyncol III that is unique to Annique, results in an intensive treatment of the eye-zone.
  • This is a lovely effective cream that is non-greasy and absorbs instantly. Annique Eye Therapy is a very popular product in the Forever Young range that has stood the test of time.

Use mornings and evenings.

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I have a very sensitive skin, and when I started using Annique had to use the sensi cream for a cleanser and moisturiser until my skin calmed down, I used to get heat bumps and allergy bumps often so don't use any cheaper or different product on my skin at all. I am now able to use all the Annique products on my skin including Crème de Nuit, and Night cream, and Herbal moisturiser. The eye therapy has not had any bad reaction on my skin at all. I have used the product for at least 10 years. I use the product twice a day, morning and night, I use my fourth finger and a pin head amount on each eye, and start on my eyebrows, across my forehead, round the sides at the temples and on top of the cheek bone under my eye, never directly under the eye. I then also run my finger around my lips and so have not developed any crows feet line around my lips either. I have sold a lot of it to my friends in S.A. started a lot of them off with it, purely because of my skin and the fact that I have not developed lines around my eyes and put it down to using my Eye Therapy. Strongly suggest that every woman over 30 definitely needs Eye Therapy to prevent any damage to the eye area. My face and skin have been a good advert for the Eye Therapy, because you can actually see that it works. I have not used any other eye cream on my face because I have been very Happy with Eye Therapy from the start and have seen the results. Not only has it given me a smoother skin around the eye area, but has also prevented any deep lines from forming. I do have a few small light laughter lines which you see when I laugh, but really looks good for my age and I do receive a lot of compliments on my skin. All I can say is that it really pays to look after your skin, only takes 2 minutes to do morning and night routine but your benefits are years taken off your age. It is well worth it, and I really love the products.

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