Annique Forever Young Anti-Aeging Serum - 1pc

  • Transformational NEW Botanical Stem Cell Technology from Annique to protect and enhance your skin's own natural stem cells.
  • This remarkable formula goes to the root cause of ageing by renewing and protecting your skin's natural stem cells. An amazing combination of Annique's Rooibos patented extract, Solar Vitis, Argan stem cells stem cell technology and VNA10+
Super VitisRevitalise & protects Epidermal stem cells - Fight sun damage
Argan stem cellsAssist natural repair at root level - Superior rejuvenation - Increase firmness & skin density
VNA10+Magical plant extract - Improves elasticity, cell turn over & moisture retention
Rooibos & Green Rooibos extractWell documented antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & anti-ageing benefits

A delicate, fragrance free serum with a knock-out punch.



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