Annique Forever Slim Activate - 30 Capsules

Step 2 in your Annique Forever Slim strategy.

*Contains Kelp - Do not use if allergic to Iodine

With a hectic lifestyle it is not always possible to get all the exercise that you need to support your slimming plan so that is why Aannique ActiVate is important to speed up your metabolic rate to naturally support your progress to the new slimmer you.

annique activate capsules

If you can speed up your metabolism you can burn more calories with less effort. Your Basic Metabolic Rate largely determines how much calories you burn every day. So it makes sense to boost your metabolic rate if you want to lose weight.

Exercise that build muscles like cycling or incorporating weights in your exercise program will help increase your metabolism. While lazy fatty tissue does not use any energy when at rest; muscle tissue on the other hand, uses energy even when you are not exercising!

Ingredients: Vitamin E – Linseed oil – Lecithin – Kelp – Ginseng - Ginger root – Green tea – Goji berry – Green Rooibos extract

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

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