Annique Forever Slim ActiCleanse - 30 Capsules

Step 1 in your Annique Forever Slim strategy.

annique acticleanse capsules

For any weight loss program to be effective you must remember that your own body is your closest ally. Meaning that if your vital organs are allowed to function properly as they should, losing weight will be so much easier.

So the very first step should be to cleanse and detox your body by flushing out toxins. Your internal organs simply cannot work as intended if they first and foremost have to battle against an overload of toxins every day.

With Annique ActiCleanse you can detox your body in a natural way. It contains only natural ingredients including an extract of Green Rooibos tea to pave the way to a slimmer you. Detoxing your body will benefit your skin too!

Ingredients: Vitamin E – Linseed oil – Lecithin – Ginger root – Curcumin – Dandelion – Milk Thistle – Black currant – Buchu – Green Rooibos extract

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

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