Annique Face Facts Calm Down Masque - 50ml

Clamp down on inflamed skin – Unisex product.

Annique Calm Down mask is pure magic for inflamed, red and irritated skin. It is

annique face facts calm down mask

soft and creamy and cleanses deeply and stimulates cell activity to produce new healthy skin. Rinse off with Green Rooibos tea.

Improve your skin with healing and medicinal ingredients such as Red bush / Rooibos tea extract, Zinc oxide, Kaolin clay, Camphor and Witch Hazel.

One thing that we can all agree on is that to maintain a healthy skin free of acne and pimples; your skin care routine should be centered around getting rid of bacteria, excess oil and dead skin that clog the pores.

A good mask enhances not only your skin’s visual appeal, it also plays a major part in controlling inflammation and preventing bacterial attacks by keeping pores clean.

A Lovely and invigorating mask – Strongly recommended.

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I had an acne problem when I was younger and I used the Camphor mask at the time - it really "calmed down" my inflamed skin and appeared to even remove blackheads. My acne has long since gone but I have sensitive skin and am prone to dehydration - which can leave my skin red and uncomfortable. Recently I have tried the new Calm Down mask which has replaced the Camphor mask, just to try, and it has worked wonders for that too. After the mask the redness is gone and the skin feels completely soothed and normal, ready for some moisture and I'm good to go!

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