Annique Essense Derma Block spf 30 - 30ml

Prevention is soooo much better than cure…

The best way to keep your skin healthy, wrinkle free and pigementation free is by adding a good sun cream to your skin care stash. A sun block like Annique's Derma Block spf 30 can save your skin for years to come.

annique essence derma block

Annique has added a heavy dollop of Rooibos extract to the formula because research has shown that Rooibos tea (also known as Red bush tea) is a wonderful antioxidant with great anti-ageing benefits. Oil free and water resistant, DermaBlock provides adequate protection against both UV-A (=ageing) and UV-B(=burning) rays of the sun.

Apply as often as needed, especially if you are out and about in the sun but at least once a day as part of your daily skin care.

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Fiona Drury

As a red head I don't leave the house without suncream on but really dislike the greasy on heavy feel they leave on your skin so you get sticky clothes. Not this one it's like a moisturiser and so light on your skin, and fabulous handbag size too.

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