Annique Detox Tea with Ginger - 20 bags

Annique Detox tea is a blend of Rooibos and ginger. Ginger is a versatile plant that has great health benefits to augment the unique benefits of Rooibos tea. Detox tea is

annique detox tea with ginger

good for circulation and assists the body with the removal of toxic substances which in turn supports the liver. The Tea also improves problem skin because a body free of toxins means clear healthy skin.

Combine Annique Detox tea with Green Rooibos tea and you have a healthy and natural slimming combination.
Combine Detox tea with Annique’s Colon Cleanse tea and you have a great natural detox combination.

Take Annique Detox tea with Ginger and Rooibos before and during flights to help reduce motion sickness.

Norman Fransworth, researcher in the Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago advises to drink ginger tea to improve general well being and motion sickness during long haul flights. Dr Fransworth believes ginger reduces motion sickness because it stimulates receptors in the digestive tract that help release the soothing hormone serotonin. Ginger also improves circulation that is a bonus on long flights to help avoid deep vein thrombosis.

Take one cup Detox Tea 30 minutes before departure, then another cup Detox Tea every three to four hours.


*The tea can be given to children two years and older.

*It is recommended to discuss the use of herbal tea with your health care practitioner when you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding

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K Hughes

Already a big fan of Rooibos tea, this is a delicious alternative that is particuarly good for an upset stomach or if you're feeling the effects of a winter cold. Already popular with family and friends. My only complaint is that it doesn't come in a bigger box

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