Annique Baby Sunscreen SPF20 - 30ml

Annique’s Baby Sun Block has a sunscreen factor of 20. Due to a baby skin’s high absorbency potential, a higher spf can sometimes cause rashes.

Annique Baby Sunscreen SPF20

Our sun block has both UVA and UVB filters and is formulated especially for the sensitive skin of babies. Annique has combined non-irritating, anti-allergic Rooibos extract with shea butter and soothing and moisturising oils like avocado, sunflower and sweet almond oil to make it effective and safe for your baby's skin.

A definite winner!

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This sunblock comes highly recommended! My baby has very sensitive skin and is prone to eczema, which is aggravated by certain baby products. We recently went on holiday to the Canary Islands and I used this on her every day. It protected her skin beautifully with no side-effects/rashes/irritation.

Fiona Drury

My 3 year old really struggles in the sun with heat reactive eczema and it is always worse with sun creams - we have tried so many brands - the only suggestion from the GP was just keep trying til you find one that doesn't make it worse - so we have been thru most high st brands and the organic non chemical and barrier all of which are very drying and sometimes sting but always irritate his condition, UNTIL NOW. We have had 3 hot days and applied this at least twice a day on his face and body and even his eyes have not flared up, his skin is lovely and moisturised and his eczema has calmed with application not worsened! Brilliant

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