Annique Softener - 1 Litre

The unique Annique Baby Fabric Softener had been formulated with the same great care as all of the other Annique baby products. A baby’s delicate skin was the main priority when formulating this product while also ensuring that baby's clothing is super soft after washing. The Softener does not contain any colourants or enzymes and and only has a subtle trace of "baby" perfume.

annique baby softener

The Softener contains Annique’s exclusive extract of Rooibos which makes this the wise choice when choosing a softener for your baby’s clothes.

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This is a lovely product that I use with ordinary non biological washing powder. It seemed to be softeners that caused the most irritation to my daughter and this doesn't irritate her at all. I use it with the rooibos detergent to wash new clothes before she wears them.

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