Annique Baby Bath - 200ml

  • Annique Baby Bath is perfect for babies and toddlers.
  • A gentle and mild foamy bath that can be used daily without drying or irritating your baby's skin.
  • Especially important for babies with sensitive skin or skin allergies.

annique baby bath

Soothing Rooibos extract is the ideal ingredient to add to skin care products for babies and toddlers. Annique found just the right balance for delicate young skin with this fun bubble bath.

A definite thumbs up for this one!

Annique Baby Body Lotion is the perfect after bath companion.

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Since my daughter was born she suffered from eczema and could only use bath oils prescriped by our doctor making bathtime boring, somebody told me about these products and since them i've been using the baby bath, shampoo and sun lotion and her skin is fine.


My baby has extremely sensitive skin and used to have patches of itchy eczema. She was fine with certain fragrance free products but this baby bath is so lovely and it means that she smells delicious too! It also means she can have bubbles in her bath. Oh yes and no more excema!


Being South African I wanted to make sure that I used products on my babies that wouldn't harm their skin. The Annique Rooibos Baby range is excellent, my kids still use it and love it (they also smell gorgeous), and all my friends and family now use it on their kids. You won't be disappointed!

Fiona Drury

How kids love bubbles, how bubbles dry eczema!! Not these, they are great for a clean fun bathtime without having to say no to bubbles.

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