Annique 180º Shave Gel - 150ml

This is the Right Stuff!

All you need for a perfect shave is Annique’s 180º Shave Gel. It is primed with skin friendly ingredients like Green Rooibos extract, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10 and Grape Seed oil to ensure a moisturising and rejuvenating daily shave.

You can be sure of a smooth, close shave because the inclusion of Guar Gum ensures that the razor blade glides smoothly and closely over your skin. Guar Gum is known to reduce razor burn and shaving rashes.

Annique always consciously formulates products with the sensitive skin in mind, so the 180º Skin Elements range for men is suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

Apply a thin layer on damp skin and lather with your fingertips. After your shave, rinse off the remaining product with Rooibos infused water for extra anti-ageing benefits.

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This product is amasing! Just the one my husband Des, has been looking for! For men, it needs to be as simple as possible.This transparent gel, allows a clear shave and mosturisers his skin without him realising it, but he 'feels' the difference! Don't let your man be without it!

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