Annique 180º Moisture Balm - 50ml

Saving Face…. Packed with great ingredients such as Green Rooibos extract, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E and Grape Seed oil, this hydrating balm will make your skin feel comfortable and hydrated all day long. It will also protect your skin against the damaging rays of the sun with a sunscreen factor of SPF15.

Annique’s Moisture Balm for Men should be an essential part of the discerning man’s daily routine.

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Being a real macho man I was absolutely gob-smacked when my wife suggested I try the annique skin range-I couldn't imagine using 10 different creams every morning! However when I was handed just one tube of cream once it arrived I was glad yet, still abit weary... I must now admit that I can't imagine not using it. The moisture balm is an absolute powerhouse! It makes my skin feel absolutely fab. I'd recommend this to any 'alpha' male specimen out there.


I bought my husband some Annique products for his birthday a year ago, knowing that he will use it in order to avoid hurting my feelings. BIG MISTAKE. I now have to put up with: "When are you placing your Annique order because I need ..............." This from a rugged English pig farmer. I have noticed a huge improvement in his skin since he started using the moisture balm and shaving gel and often catch him in front of the mirror admiring the results. Thank you for a brilliant product.

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