Annique Essense Anti-Redness Serum 30ml

If you are troubled by red uncomfortable skin Annique's Anti-Redness Serum may be the answer to your troubles. This specialised serum contains a breakthrough Anti-inflammatory Complex and Rooibos leaf extract that acts as a skin recovery system that helps to counteract the causes of redness and inflammation.

The main purpose of Essense Anti-Redness serum is to improve and maintain skin health and to keep your skin adequately hydrated. A Healthy skin provides immunity and resistance to chronic inflammation and the harsh elements, especially during the winter months.

Apply Annique Anti-Redness Serum to a clean skin on affected areas and leave it for a few minutes to do its magic before applying Skin Detox and your other Annique lotions and potions..

Increase cell renewal by 31% in 1 week
Reduce skin reactivity by 37% in 1 week
Reduce bacterial growth by 55% in 4 weeks
Increase rehydration by 17% after 1 application

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