Spa Range

Feel special every day with the Annique Spa range of body and bath products.

Annique Rooibos Milk & Honey hydrating hand cream Annique Milk & Honey Hydrating Hand Cream - 50ml £5.24 £6.99 Annique Milk and Honey Foam Bath Annique Milk & Honey Luxury Foam Bath - 400ml £14.49 Annique Milk and Honey Body Butter Annique Milk & Honey Ultra Rich Body Butter - 250ml £12.78 Annique Milk and Honey Lip Balm Annique Milk and Honey Lip Balm - 1pc £5.99 Annique Pomegranate Body Butter Annique Rooibos & Pomegranate Body Cream - 200ml Limited Edition £12.78 Annique Pomegranate Body oil Annique Rooibos & Pomegranate Body Oil - 200ml - Limited Edition £11.92 Annique's Gironky & Friends bubble bath Annique Rooibos Revolution Gironky & Friends Bubble Bath - 500ml £17.99 Annique Rooibos Revolution hand and body cream Annique Rooibos Revolution Hand & Body Lotion - 200ml £8.24 £10.98 Annique Rooibos Revolution Body wash Annique Rooibos Revolution Moisturising Body Wash - 400ml £14.49 Annique Rooibos Revolution hand cream Annique Rooibos Revolution Moisturising Hand Cream - 60ml £5.24 £6.99 Annique Rooibos Revolution moisturising soap Annique Rooibos Revolution Moisturising Soap Bar - 125g £6.75 Annique Rooibos Revolution Zero Stress mist Annique Rooibos Revolution Resque Zero Stress - 100ml £10.79 Annique Rooibos & Mint Revolution Foot set Annique Rooibos Revolution Rooibos & Mint Foot Set - 100ml £13.63 Annique Spa Creamy Body Wash Annique Rooibos Spa Creamy Body Wash - 400ml £14.49 Annique Spa Deluxe body lotion Annique Rooibos Spa Deluxe Body lotion - 400ml £12.78 Annique Rooibos Spa Invigorating Hand Wash Annique Rooibos Spa Invigorating Hand Wash - 200ml £6.74 £8.99 Annique Rooibos Spa Nourishing Hand Cream Annique Rooibos Spa Nourishing Hand Cream - 50ml £5.24 £6.99 Annique Rooibos Spa relaxing Bath soak Annique Rooibos Spa Relaxing Bath Soak - 200g £12.78 Annique Rooibos Spa Reviving Glycerine Soap Bar Annique Rooibos Spa Reviving Glycerine Soap Bar - 125g £5.94 Blissful Glycerine Soap Annique Spa Blissful Glycerine Soap - 120g £4.93 £5.94 Delectable Body Lotion Annique Spa Delectable Body Lotion - 400ml £12.78 Extreme Moisture Hand Cream Annique Spa Extreme Moisture Hand Cream - 50ml £5.24 £6.99 Indulgent Oil Wash Annique Spa Indulgent Oil Wash - 200ml £11.07 Iresistable Chocmint Body Scrub Annique Spa Iresistable Chocmint Body Scrub - 150ml £12.78 Luxurious Body Cream Annique Spa Luxurious Body Cream - 200ml £12.78 Pampering Body Oil Annique Spa Pampering Body Oil - 200ml £11.92 Cuticle Oil Annique Spa Softening Cuticle Oil - 8ml £7.65 Soothing Anti-perspirant Annique Spa Soothing Anti-perspirant - 50ml £5.95 The Spa Tranquil Room & Linen Mist Annique Spa Tranquil Room & Linen Mist - 100ml £7.15 £10.21 Annique vanilla hand cream Annique Spa Vanilla Moisturising Hand Cream - 30ml £5.24 £6.99 Humangear Go Toob GoToob - 1pc £4.50 Annique Refreshing foot set Rooibos Spa Refreshing Foot Set - 200ml £13.63 Annique Spa Massage Candle The Spa Massage Candle £11.92
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