Annique Essense Pore Minimising Serum - 30ml

Annique Pore Minimising Serum is the latest addition to the Essence Special Treatments Collection.

Annique Essense Pore Minimising Serum

If you are tired of oily skin and enlarged pores then here is a news flash for you. Essense Pore Minimising Serum is a breakthrough formula that cuts to the chase.

This serum refines and tightens enlarged pores and it balances sebum production by harnessing the unique properties of the Fomes officinalis mushroom. This mushroom extract in combination with Rooibos extract wave a scientific magic wand to visibly tighten and reduce pore size.

Because our pores tend to enlarge slightly as we age, this lightweight formula will probably become a staple product for most mature skin types.

So, here is your chance to control excess oil production and to visibly reduce pore size. Some customers experienced a visible improvement of up to 65% after only one application.

The best way to apply Annique's Pore Minimising serum is to press a few drops on a clean skin and wait a few minutes (brush your teeth, feed the cat and so forth....) and then apply Essnse Skin Detox before applying the rest of your products.

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